Translation editor training

The recent past and current efforts


  • Matej Martinkovič Department of Translation Studies, FA, CPU in Nitra


translation editing, university study programmes, translation studies, translation didactics, translation editing didactics


The article explores the training or education of translation editors in Slovakia. It presents partial results of a survey of literary translation editors conducted in 2022 and of a related focus group discussion. The survey was conducted on a sample size of 22 (n=22) with the intention to map the demographic aspect of the editing of literary translations in Slovakia (e.g., the demographic structure, education, economic conditions, etc.). The article also presents the syllabus and the content of the Translation Editing course that has been introduced by the Department of Translation Studies of the Faculty of Arts of the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra as part of its translation studies study programmes as well as student feedback to it. The design of the course attempts to reflect the results of the survey and focus group in terms of what practising editors themselves consider to be useful for their professional practise and for editor training. The rationale behind the inclusion of the course in this article is to open a discussion on how to train translation editors effectively as similar courses may exist at other universities, but they exist in relative isolation and there is a lack of literature regarding such courses.