Call for Papers

CfP Vol. 3, no. 2 (2022): Translation and Interpreting at Crossroads

Edited by Jana Boltižiar, Mária Koscelníková, Matej Martinkovič, Jana Ukušová

(Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra)

The 9th and 10th of February 2022 saw the international conference Tradition and Innovation in Translation Studies Research celebrate its 10th anniversary. Following this very special edition of the conference, entitled Translation and Interpreting at Crossroads, we would like to invite all conference participants and attendees, as well as any other researchers, to submit original previously unpublished papers for publication in BRIDGE. Contributions dealing with the aspect of change influencing all the various facets of T&I studies are welcome. 

The Spanish poet Garcia Lorca said: “There is no straight road in the world. Only a giant labyrinth of intersecting crossroads.”

The path of translation studies truly has not been straight, yet the intersections and turns have become the means to advance knowledge in the field. Those crucial moments when research arrives at a crossroads give birth to new insights and inspiration. In this way, each sub-discipline of translation studies – literary and non-literary translation, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, machine translation, audiovisual translation, localization, specialized translation and terminology processing, history and didactics of translation and interpreting, etc. – is both the consumer and provider of resources, information and new data for research, creating space for further progress. 

Translation and interpreting are practised in environments subject to constant change, resulting in an ever-present need to adjust and evolve. It is important to perceive both the challenges and opportunities as reflected in recent publications by Bernardini et al. (2020), Schaeffer et al. (2020) and Laviosa et al (2021). Responding well to the change can push the boundaries of translation studies (Gambier and Kaspere, 2021). 

The aim of this issue is to provide an opportunity for TS researchers to present their findings, insights and innovative approaches to academic research, which may advance the knowledge and enrich the discipline of translation studies. The topics of interest may include but are not restricted to those reflected at the conference:

  • Teacher development in translator education
  • Researcher bias and ethics in translation and interpreting studies research
  • Adaptation of traditional stories across cultures and media
  • Literary translation and creative tension within it
  • Audiovisual translation
  • Community subtitling and translation projects
  • Theatre translation
  • Interpreters as actors
  • Translation & conflict
  • Integration of technologies into translation and interpreting training

We welcome full-paper submissions reflecting the above-mentioned issues. All articles must be written in English and should not exceed 7,000 words. We also welcome reviews of publications related to the main topic of this issue.

Deadline for submission: 10 September 2022

Your submission should be sent via the journal website after your registration at:


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