Students’ Subtitling Project as a Tool of Project-based Learning


  • Jana Ukušová


The paper introduces the subtitling project of students from the Department of Translation Studies, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, as a tool of project-based learning, as well as a tool for enhancing students’ competences in the field of audiovisual translation. The students’ task was to create Slovak subtitles for the French institute film platform – Ifcinéma. The paper reflects the approach of D. Kiraly (2005) based on the "Project-based learning", with assumption that students are best prepared for real translation market by translating real translation assignments. We present individual phases of the project, while in each phase, we stress in what way and by what means students’ competences are being strengthened. The main focus lies in the identification, categorization, and analysis of errors that occurred in student translations, since this phase appears to be crucial in terms of adequacy and quality of the final version of the translation. The methodology on audiovisual translation and typology of errors in subtitling stems from the works of J. Pedersen (2017), C. Martins - C. Ferreira (2019) and J. Díaz-Cintas – A. Remael (2007).