Preparatory Interpreting Exercises Within the Distance Interpreting Teaching in Combination with the Russian Language


  • Andrej Zahorák Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra


The present paper focuses on a selected area of interpreting didactics – preparatory interpreting exercises and their implementation in the distance teaching process of interpreting from the Russian language within the Russian Language and Culture study programme at the master's degree (in combination) at the Department of Translation Studies at the Faculty of Arts of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. These exercises may be used as a model for educational activities and interpreting training in the online space (and not only) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Methodologically following the work of Slovak and foreign experts (Hodáková, 2020; Alekseyeva, 2001; Kalina, 2000; Kupcova, 2013; and others), we present a model of teaching and training activities aimed at the development and consolidation of receptive and productive skills in the Russian and Slovak language pair. The proposed model has proven itself in the educational process of interpreting from the Russian language at the master's degree of translation studies at FA CPU in Nitra and our findings are supplemented by the feedback from participants in the form of a questionnaire reflecting effectiveness of preparatory exercises including pros and cons in distance teaching from the students’ point of view.